Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Module 01 Assessment


This assignment will test how well you're able to perform various data science-related tasks using Python, pandas, and altair, as well as how well you can interpret statistical and probabilistic results.

The assessment consists of three problem sets. Each problem set asks you to work with a dataset you've seen before in order to answer a series of questions.

To ensure you receive full credit for a question, make sure you demonstrate the appropriate pandas, altair, or other commands as requested in the provided code blocks.

You may find that some questions require multiple steps to fully answer. Others require some mental arithmetic in addition to pandas commands. Use your best judgment.


After completing the questions in the Colab notebook linked below (or while doing so), open the Module 01 Assessment Quiz in Canvas and enter your answers to the questions there.

The final question will ask you for the GitHub Gist URL of your colab notebook. Save your Colab notebook as a GitHub Gist (You'll need to create a GitHub account for this), by selecting Save a copy as a GitHub Gist from the File menu.

See this video for details:

After creating the GitHub Gist, paste its URL as the answer to the final quiz question.

Click on the Open In Colab button below to open a Google Colab notebook with the template for this assignment. Once you've completed the assignment, don't forget to take the corresponding quiz in Canvas.

Open In Colab