Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Team Project Expectations

Project Management

For each module, you should assign one member of your team to be the Project Manager. Everyone on your team should serve in this role at least once.

Project Status Meetings will be held four times per module, all during normal class time. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory. Failure to attend or come prepared will likely have an adverse effect on your module grade.

During the fourth and final status meeting, team members will work together to create a professional summary of their findings.

Team Member Responsibilities

Each team member (including the Project Manager) is responsible for fulfilling the following responsibilities:

Project Manager's Responsibilities

The project manager is responsible for fulfilling the following responsibilities:

The Executive Summary

The executive summary should be no more than 3 pages long, not including the title page, nor the page containing links to your github notebooks. It should address each of the stakeholder's concerns.

It might include bullet points, text, and visualizations. It should use proper grammar and spelling, and be written in business prose. The target audience is the executive team of the case study, not the data science team.

Visualizations in the Executive Summary

In your data explorations, we discussed the difference between exploratory visualizations and presentation visualizations.

If you think a visualization helps illustrate a point in the summary, make sure it is presentation quality and targeted for the correct audience. There are many interesting visualizations about model quality, training and testing, etc..., but very few of them would be appropriate to show to an execute board.

Project Reflection

After the project presentation, each team member should submit a personal reflection. The reflection document contains questions designed to help you evaluate your own performance on the project, as well as the performance of your teammates.

These ratings and suggestions will be anonymously shared with the corresponding teammate, so practice professional candor. You may find this guide on "radical candor" to be useful.


Bob: 3 – Slightly Deficient. Bob, if I could give you one piece of advice going forward, it would be to make our status meetings a priority. You have amazing contributions when you’re present and engaged, so when you miss a meeting without letting us know ahead of time, it really hurts the team.

Notice that the evaluation addresses Bob directly, not the teacher. This isn't a tattle-tale session, it's an anonymous feedback exercise.

Project Grade

Your final grade for each module will consist of a mix of your team's executive summary grade, how you rated your own performance, and how your teammates rated your performance.